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Wildly Rooted

Natural Play Dough : Rosey Posey

Natural Play Dough : Rosey Posey

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  • -Contains 4 oz. of gluten free non toxic do-dough in a glass jar

Gluten and toxin free play dough! Finally a play dough that is safe for kids (and adults too) who have sensitives to gluten, artificial dyes and fragrances! Our do-dough has a wonderful, natural, earthy scent that varies on the type of plant dye used and essential oils added.

Do-Dough incorporates multiple senses, making it great for imaginative play, incorporating in school lessons and even occupational therapy. 

We don't think you have to have gluten, toxic scents and artificial dyes to make play dough fun! We love the challenge of using God given ingredients found in nature, to re-create the things we have come to know and love!  While there are many natural play doughs on the market, we found it was difficult to find a dough that was both gluten free and natural.  This leaves a whole group of kiddos that can't use regular play dough - until now!


  • Wash hands and clean the surface of the playing area
  • Knead, roll, squish, mold and stamp your dough into endless creations! 
  • When finished playing, place dough back into container and tightly seal the lid


  • If dough becomes dry, add a few drops of water and knead until soft
  • If dough is too sticky, add gluten free flour, and knead until no longer sticky
  • Take dough out weekly and knead to keep dough soft
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Our dough does not contain any preservatives, so it's best to replace dough every 3 months


Gluten free flour (Brown rice flour, rice flour, sweet rice flour, tapioca starch, sorghum flour, cornstarch, potato starch, xanthan gum) Salt, Organic Avocado Oil, Beet Powder, Cream of tarter, Water

The Do-Do bird from a biblical perspective

Having a Bachelor of Science degree, meant that I was inundated with heavy evolution worldviews of science.  Not having a strong foundation of biblical knowledge left me trying to fit evolution into my biblical worldview box.  It wasn't until I started actually reading my bible and studying creation apologetics did I start to understand that I didn't have to fit evolution into my box, because while evolution is treated as fact, it is really only a theory; a theory that has been disproven many of times, and only backs up the Bible as being a trusted history book all the more. 

As far back as I can remember in grade school, my science classes started "preaching" evolution, Darwin and the big bang theory.  I never had anyone tell me that I didn't have to put my biblical worldview into the secular worldview box.  So if you are a Christian (or not), and have had trouble making this all make sense in your head, I'm telling you it doesn't have to make sense, it won't make sense, because the two things aren't compatible with each other.  

The do-do bird is one of the first animals I think of when I think of evidence for evolution.  I remember seeing that bird in every science book I ever had.  Do you think in my public school anyone ever offered up that this was only a theory, and that there is other evidence that shows that the do-do bird, like other birds, has always been flightless?  Perhaps that other thing they teach, adaption, can easily explain the changes in species over time?  Or that man, and their lack of understanding of conservationism led this creature to become extinct?  We see evolutionists play mental gymnastics to explain their theories all of the time.  It really doesn't have to be that complicated.  This is the truth; a few thousand years ago, God created the do-do bird on day five.  God either uniquely created the bird to be flightless, or mutations or other variables caused the bird to be flightless, the do-do then likely became extinct due to colonizers in the late 1600's.  

"The dodoes on Mauritius were discovered in 1507 by the Portuguese, and in only 174 years became extinct. Contemporary accounts claim that men brought as many as 50 large birds on board their ship a day, and often about half were dodoes.4 The slaughter was great because this very ‘remarkable bird ... existed in considerable abundance’ on these islands.5

Kitchener concludes that it was not the dodo’s physical inferiority which caused its extinction, but the ‘rats, pigs, and monkeys which arrived with the sailors and pillaged the dodo’s vulnerable ground nests.’6 One extensive study of extinctions concluded that a number of unfortunate factors are responsible for almost all extinctions.7"


*If you have a curious kiddo that decides to taste our dough, no worries!  Our dough is 100% edible, though it is not intended to be eaten.

*Due to the salt content, please keep away from pets

*While cautions are taken to prevent cross-contamination of gluten, this product is produced in a kitchen containing gluten.  

*Due to the natural process of this dough, mild staining may occur on hands, surfaces and clothing

How does our dough compare to commercial play dough?  While the formula is top secret, chemists have speculated, you can view the infographic here

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