How to remedy melted Whipped Tallow

How to remedy melted Whipped Tallow

Did your Tallow Whip arrive melted during shipping, or did you leave it in your car on accident?  It doesn't take much for tallow to melt.  In fact, it's its low melting point that makes it so luxurious when applying to your skin.  You tallow becoming melted won't affect the quality at all, so no worries! Let's fix it!

Option A:

Leave it in jar, let your tallow become room temperature, and tada, your tallow has solidified and is ready to use as a lotion once again.

While this method is easy, you won't have the airy whipped tallow that you are use it, it will be more solid - still fine to use, just your preference.

Option B:

Pour/scoop your tallow into a double boiler, over low-medium heat.  Once all of the tallow has completely melted, set aside and allow to cool.  Once tallow has started to solidify, whip it using an electric mixer.  You now have an airy whipped tallow!


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